Janet, C. North Falmouth MA

I just bought the plant protein powder at Walmart, I enjoyed it so much I went back and got another! This product is a perfect addition to my lifestyle. Low in calories, high in nutrition, and tastes delicious!

Shari, Applegate OR

I have been enjoying the health benefits of the Super Greens Berry Flavor for 2 years now. This product is an excellent addition to my health regimen of a good diet and exercise. Thank you Country Farms for this wonderful organic and whole food product!!

Collette, Woodland Hills CA

I love your berry blend! It tastes great and I know I am getting vitamins and minerals that my body needs. When I have it in the morning I feel alert and awake all day. Thanks so much!

Maite, Miami FL

I have been using Super Greens for over two months, I have more energy, vigor and more strength in the mornings! Im enjoying the overall feeling of wellness. Im very grateful these products are available, keep it up!

Joshua V, Houma, LA

I just want to say your product works great! I was always tired and aching until I decided to add it to my daily breakfast plan. After a week of using it I felt fuller and had more energy and it also has helped me reach my weight loss goal!

Suzanne P, Garden City, KS

I have been using the Super Greens Berry Flavor for 3 months now and  I feel great! 

Sara C, Ridgeland SC

I love the product! Ever since I started using Super Greens I feel overall more healthy. I can't go without it!

Christian G, Irving TX

I haven't had this much energy since I had my baby. It's been wonderful!! Please keep up the good work!!

Guy, Wampum PA

I love the chocolate mix, Ive lost about 100 lbs using the products!

Dyshonda, Chicago Illinois

I can't live a day without my Super Greens! A very easy way to incorporate a clean and healthy lifestyle of nutrition.

Andy, Bradford, PA

"I've tried many expensive polyphenol fruit powders. However I found that Country Farms Super Greens are great at a fraction of the cost, plus they have more polyphenols!"

Tami, Sandwich, IL - Purchased Super Greens Berry flavor

"Taste is good, not gritty! I love that it has probiotics. I use the Country Farms Super Greens Drink Berry flavor and will try the Natural flavor too."

Lynne, Havre, MT - Super Greens Plant Protein & Super Greens Drink Mixes

"I'm a big fan of your Super Greens Plant Protein Vanilla flavor; plus Super Greens Berry & Natural flavors!"

Douglas, Middletown, PA - Super Greens Berry flavor

"I've been telling my friends and co-workers how much better I feel since I've started taking Country Farms. The Super Greens berry flavor is my favorite."

Sharlene, Van, TX - Purchased Super Greens Berry Flavor

"I'm thrilled with your Country Farms Super Greens powder! I've never been able to take green products, because of taste or texture. The berry flavored Super Greens tastes great. I use it before my AM workouts to give me energy!"

Stephen from FL; purchased Country Farms Super Greens natural flavor drink mix

"This is a great product, please keep on the shelf!”

Judy, Windsor, CT purchased Country Farms Super Greens Drink

"I feel confident about Country Farms Super Greens and the ingredients represent a perfect balance. It save me time and I feel great and energized! I won't be without it!"

Robert, Mount Hope, WV

"Country Farms Super Greens berry flavor shake gives me energy and is what I was looking for in my fast paced life to stay fit, lean and healthy."

Dana from CA; purchased Country Farms Super Greens natural flavor drink mix

“Wow! I am so glad I found your product!”

Tornton Industries

Ann from KS - Super Greens Natural

“We love your product, Super Greens!”

Becky, Willow River, MN purchased Country Farms Super Greens Drink

"I am so very pleased with the taste and the good ingredients of Super Greens Drink! It's so affordable and convenient. The high quality is very much appreciated."

Tornton Industries

Cindy from PA; purchased Super Fruits & Veggies Capsules

“I love your Super Fruits & Veggies capsules!”

Stephen, FL purchased Super Greens Drink Mix Natural Flavor

"This is a great product, please keep on the shelf!"

Dana, CA purchased Super Greens Natural Flavor Drink Mix

"Wow! I am so glad I found your product!"

Ann, KS purchased Super Greens Natural Flavor Drink Mix

"We love your product, Super Greens!"

Cinda, PA purchased Super Fruits & Veggies Capsules

"I love your Super Fruits & Veggies capsules!"

Tramelle, San Antonio, TX purchased Super Greens Berry Flavor Drink Mix

"I want to thank your company for this product....I've told all my friends to take it as well."

John S, purchased Super Greens Berry Flavor Drink Mix

"I started taking the Country Farms Super Greens Berry Drink about 2 years ago, and since then I haven't once considered taking anything else. I'd also highly recommend the Super Greens Drink Mix if you're looking to switch it up every once in a while."

Veranna, Corpus Christie, TX purchased Super Greens Berry Drink Mix

"I'm totally in love with Country Farms Super Greens Drink! It's got a great taste and makes me feel good. Thank you for such an affordably priced and high quality product."

Jon, Carterville, IL purchased Super Greens Berry Drink Mix

"I love your product! I consume 2 to 3 scoops daily of Super Greens Berry. I feel healthier than I've felt in a long time!"

Bernadine, Davison, MI purchased Super Greens Drink Mix

"I LOVE your Super Greens product....after a few drinks I was addicted!"

Brandy, Nampa, ID purchased Super Greens Plant Protein

"I am a HUGE fan of your Country Farms Super Greens Plant Protein. The flavor is so pleasant, unlike most protein powders."

Deborah, Osage, OK

"I've been drinking Super Greens berry drink for just 2 weeks and have noticed an improvement. I have more energy, I'm sleeping better and my hair seems more youthful looking. I just love this product and would recommend it to anyone who wants better health!"

Tyler, Tracy, CA

"Fantastic product! The powder mixes well and has high quality ingredients. My family and I use it when we need a quick meal or a healthy refreshing smoothie!"

Kimberly, Pinetop, AZ

"My husband and I have been using Plant Protein and it has helped our energy and stamina. It is one of the cleanest and affordable supplements!"

Sara, CA

"The Super Greens drinks are fabulous and a real time saver to get a lot of nutrition!"  

Don, Pittsgrove, NJ

"Super Greens Plant Protein is a big winner! I was so full and satisfied after I drank it. I couldn't be happier with the flavor. I 100% recommend this to anyone looking for a protein rich drink with nutrients galore."

Jennifer, Morrow, OH

"I've been trying various "powder greens" and I can honestly say this officially is my favorite one. I drink it, along with my two toddlers and husband to help provide more greens, veggies and fruits. We make smoothies with them and they're a homerun!"

Jon, Centreville, VA

"It tastes good, but it's not sweet. Its mixes easily, so it can just be added to a shaker bottle, which makes drinking it every day easier."

Kelsey, Burlington, WI

"This is a great protein mix. I've been using it with my smoothies. I love how it's plant based, with no added sugar; unlike other protein drinks. I highly recommend it!"

Madalina, Coral Springs, FL

"I'm a vegetarian, so it's important for me to drink protein shakes. I was impressed with the ingredients. It's a complete formula. I won't be drinking any other protein shake, except for Country Farms!"

Gabriel, from Stafford, TX

"The cost is very affordable for a plant based drink with all of these awesome superfoods. You can't go wrong with it...I'll be buying it again!"

Stephanie, from Blythewood, SC

"This is way better than the ones I've paid a lot of money for. I don't get hungry and Country Farms Plant Protein tastes great."