Super Shake Powder

Super Shake All-In-One is scientifically formulated with a balanced blend of pumpkin, chia, pea, sacha inchi and flax seed proteins. Each gluten free serving contains 15 grams of protein, which is essential to promote healthy muscle tone and better performance. It is even more important in today’s world of carbohydrate-heavy diets and on-the-go lifestyles. It is also known to support healthy weight loss by providing satiety.

  • • 15 Grams of Plant-Based Protein per Serving
  • • 30 Energizing Super Foods
  • • Helps Support Energy & Weight Management
  • • May Enhance Recovery & Muscle Tone
  • • Provides Complete Nutritional Support
  • • No Sugar
  • • Convenient Snack or Meal Replacement
  • • Delicious Chocolate Flavor

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Sugar Free Gluten Free 15g of Protein

This comprehensive formula also includes a variety of vitamins and minerals, plus essential antioxidants. The superfoods blend consists of 30 farm fresh fruits, vegetables and mushrooms. A sampling of the blend consists of fruits, such as raspberry, cranberry and pineapple; vegetables, like carrot, beet, and tomato; plus, mushrooms, including Shiitake, Reishi and Maitake.

This delicious creamy chocolate flavored smoothie also contains probiotics and prebiotic fiber to support overall health. Many individuals find that incorporating plant protein powders in their diet may supply their body with critical amino acids it needs to support protein synthesis, including muscle repair and regrowth.

Enjoy the convenience and effectiveness of a nutritional all-in-one protein powder as a snack or meal replacement. Country Farms is America’s brand for gluten free, organic, vegetarian and natural whole food supplements to help support optimum nutrition.